Self improvement is laborious, but it does provide amazing satisfaction. I am trying to find the golden mean in all this. Undoubtedly I want to be happy with myself and share what I can with others.

My journey began even before I left my home for good. It seems that my path was written in my biggest dreams and it guided my in the right direction. I must admit that before, I lacked the courage to make that first step…but finally I set out south…

In Peru, I was robbed of all my money and documents. A higher purpose and a number of coincidences meant that I emerged none the worse for it. Furthermore, I had an opportunity to help children in extreme life situations as a volunteer. I spent a few months getting to know a group of boys from the slums of Lima, which were not as fortunate as I. Not only were they short of money and lacking parental responsibility, but simply were not given love and attention by someone who cares for them. Despite knowing that I was often lacking strength to square up to the tasks which I faced, I am immensely grateful for that incredibly valuable time, which inspired me even more to push on in my chosen direction. Because I have many other skills and abilities which I can impart on the world.

Somehow I met an Amazon curandero, which means a healer or simply shaman. It was the time with my maestro, don Raul and his family which gave me the idea of an eco-friendly centre for conscious development. Ancient natural medicinal traditions have been helping local communities for thousands of years. Contrary to our medicine, a shaman does not alleviate our ailments, but reaches the source of the problem much more effectively than tablets or Freudian psychoanalysis. The healing process takes place at a much deeper level. Living in unfavourable conditions of today’s reality, brimming with stress and other malignant factors, we are not aware of how much we need cleansing and balance.  Changes may only be found in places far away from the daily noise of consumerism, amongst people who have successfully fought it off, surrounded by Indians and their deep interactions with nature. It is possible that traditions which go back thousands of years are the remedy to that which we are witnessing, that which leads our civilisation to demise.

These traditions did not only help them.  The Amazon rain forest is an extraordinary place, where one can submerge in the indigenous rituals practiced every day by descendants of Indians. These people are able to interact in the most direct way with the surrounding nature, wildlife, our planet.

Thus we decided to work together in order to make this amazing spiritual magic and natural medicine available for those who need it on their fulfilling path through life of happiness and harmony. The project economically supports the communities of the Ucayali region in the Peruvian Selva. We are looking to invest funds in undertakings which share the profits with the local population in order to protect the numerous natural riches against destructive and blind exploitation.