A certain cycle in which the current civilisation functions is coming to an end. An attentive observer perceives the global changes in every aspect of life. From the era of material shortage we have moved to the times of abundance of goods. Our awareness, however, is still in the old order governed by the brutal struggle for survival. The sense of shortage makes us fight ferociously for work, goods, prestige, taking them away from one another. We want to change this state of affairs in the spirit of kindness and care for ourselves, others and Mother Earth. If we start from ourselves, the CHANGE will spread around us.

The phrase “We are change” may be and should be understood at various levels of awareness. For some it will be a call for eliminating pathology in our social and political life and then it will mean changes in the political leadership. For others it will be a call for a deep and total change of the global economic and financial system. Still others will understand that it is all about changing our attitude to the environment, to Mother Earth, to everything that exists but may not be visible. Finally, some people will understand that changes in the material world, in our social and political life must start from changes in us, changes in our awareness. This group will admit that fundamental change means departure from consumerism, egoism and greed towards moderation, empathy and cooperation, a return to the basic principles of not harming others, putting the interests of the community ahead of our own interest, and openness to new trends and ideas. The deepest level of understanding means not so much knowledge but a feeling that change is a process, therefore life is a process of constant changes, it is energy, vibration, realising that the matter is but a small portion of the reality and while having a form of constant changes it gives us the impression that WE ARE CHANGE.