Dream the impossible dream and
the world will not grind you under, it will lift you up. This is the trick. This is what all these teachers and philosophers who really counted, who really touched the alchemical gold, this is what they understood. This is the shamanic dance in the waterfall. This is how magic is done.

Terence McKenna


Welcome to Sanatorio Espiritual, spiritual retreat in Central Amazon, Peru

Sanatorio Espiritual has been thought for people who is looking for an experience of living a process of cleansing and purification in a phisical and psychological level under guidance of don Raul, respectable maestro curandero (amazon name for healer, shaman), patron of this magical place, who can lead you into the great world of medicinal plants and the most famous of them, Ayahuasca.

To partake in an Ayahuasca ceremony gives the possiblity for self consciousness exploration and to discover by oneself, inside the being, the own faculties for the indivdual development. An Ayahuasca ceremony also gives the possibility to unblock emotional, psychological and spiritually. Participar in una ceremonia de Ayahuasca tanbien nos da la posibilidad de desbloquear nuestra energia emocional ,psicologica y spiritual. (This sentence is missing a word I think, so I took the liberty of adding “our energy”) The techniques that the healer uses in a ceremony are focused mainly in cleansing, purification and renewal.

Besides Sanatorio Espiritual and the long family tradition of Amazon Shamanism and grand knowledge of medicinal plants our retreat located in Ucayali Amazon hosts community based tourism project called Republica del Amor.

We invite all volunteers who wish to dedicate their work for economical and ecological development of small jungle settlement, located about 30km from Ucayali province capital Pucallpa.


You can contribute to great idea, share and learn about nature, sustainability, real life of amazon people, ecological building and many more things and of course take part in don Raul ceremonies spending superb quality time of your personal growth.

We live in a authentic jungle farm called Arco Iris with don Raul, his wife Welma and their family, with whom we invite all tourists and volunteers who would like to experience a real “vida selvatica” (amazon life) and help us with our daily tasks at the same time.

This means about 3 hours of work in the morning in the organic gardens, small yuca, banana and pineapple plantation aswell you can contribute to local community with teaching kids English or cocreating interesting workshops. There is always something valuable to do. We are promoting tourism among poor people as a way to make their life better.

We educate entrepreneurship that will be example for other villages in the region how to create similar projects creating jobs that will make a transition from destructive timber industry into sustainable economy based on ecological tourism.

ur beautiful chakra (Peruvian name for farm) called Acroiris, located in small village Pampas Verde, 30 minute drive from Pucallpa well communicated with Peru capital, Lima by road (16 hours) and plane (1 hour). Aswell you can come by boat cruising almighty Rio Amazonas from Iquitos and other parts of the jungle.
If you already in Pucallpa, you need to take a colectivo (comun taxi) from Jiron Ucayali crossing with Jiron Progresso (opposite to Hostal Arequipa) located in center of the town.

Colectivo goes to Campo Verde, 34km from Pucallpa but you ask a driver to leave you at km 24 near caserio Pampas Verde. You will see plaque of Arco Iris, Sanatorio Espiritual, Republica del Amor. Its about half an hour of walk to our retreat, but its easy to ask for a ride one of “motocarros”(moto rickshaw) passing you by. Just tell “don Raul” or “Fondo Arco Iris”. Everyone knows our host.

Main daily activities:
.taking care of organic vegetable and fruit garden
.repairs and maintenance (no special skills required)
.ecological construction experimenting recycled local materials
.exchanging skills and sharing experiences (sustainability and ecology)
.suporting community of the village with education

Valuable skills:
-spiritual approach to work and great will to share experiences
-permaculture design and other skills related to organic farming
-knowledge of workshop tools and various construction techniques

In the free time:
-real cultural experience: sharing life with big jungle family
-visting indigenous communities, virgin rainforest excursions with our guides
-taking part in ceremonies of our host, don Raul, who will let you in to authentic tradition of amazon shamanism
.create, learn and play your time with us

You can visit our webpages www.rda.pe and www.sanatorioespiritual.pl (section in English).

As we live of grid the best way to contact us is our mail viento@rda.pe
You can also text +48 601 377 508 (or call local phone +51 61 785 082 between 6 and 8 p.m. GMT+6h Peruvian Time and ask for Primislao

If any write us… if you need more info or to coordinate your visit and help with transport from Pucallpa, where we try to go at least once a week.