Welcome to Sanatorio Espiritual, a spiritual haven in the centre of the Amazon in Peru.

Sanatorio Espiritual has been created for people who look for the possibility of purification and restoration at the physical, mental and spiritual levels. Under the leadership of don Raul, a respected master curandero (healer), the patron of this magical place, you will learn about the mysteries of the world of spirits, powerful energies and medical plants, with the best known plant: Ayahuasca.

Taking part in a ceremony with Ayahuasca, which is also called a teacher plant, gives enormous possibilities of working on your own consciousness. Exploration and discovery of those aspects of our inner self which are deeply rooted in the human nature considerably reinforces personal development and leads to unlocking our full potential. Ayahuasca gives an opportunity to unblock emotional and spiritual problems which bother us in everyday family and professional life. Natural medicine of the Amazon is very effective in healing fundamental bases of the human essence but also provides long term support to our creativity and creative power which is emerging in the essence rebuilt at all the levels.

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Apart from the spiritual clinic Sanatorio Espiritual our refuge located in Ucayali department in the Peruvian tropical rainforest has recently become the leader of the international project Republica del Amor hosting volunteers from all over the world.

We would like to invite everyone who wants to devote their time to working with us on creating an ecologically and economically sustainable society in a small village located 24 kilometres away from Pucallpa, the capital of the Ucayali department.
Your participation in the project will support the idea of international family whose life is focused on working together, learning and living in harmony with nature. By supporting the project you will be able to share with us the knowledge and abilities related to eco-friendly philosophy of life, construction, dietetics, organic crops, solutions concerning sustainable economy, or dedicate yourself to many other elements related to the project; all this will take place in the atmosphere of spiritual adventure ensured by the ceremonies conducted by our master curandero.

We would like to invite you to Arco Iris, a farm where we live together with don Raul, his wife Welma and his sons and daughters, where you will feel you are a part of the family who you will spend your time with during everyday activities, meals and rest.
Usually, after we have breakfast together we start the works which last for about 3 hours. We plant crops in the botanic garden and cultivate fruit and vegetables. We monitor the cultivation of cassavas, bananas, pineapples and other fruit and we care for the area of the farm where we repair old buildings, erect new ones and implement ideas which result from the initiative of the volunteers. We want the project to be an opportunity to learn and exchange valuable experiences from other parts of the world. We also try to participate actively in the life of the Pampas Verde village by e.g. helping children learn English or by organising workshops, events and games for everyone. There is always something worth doing and we keep looking for ideas which will help the community enrich their daily life.

By creating this project, to which we are inviting neighbours from the village, we have an opportunity to develop “on a living organism” our awareness and educate the society in terms of sustainable entrepreneurship and the opportunities offered by the ecotourism centre created by us. With time we would like to involve more and more people with various abilities and this way create a kind of university the leader of which will be Mother Nature herself.

Our Arco Iris farm is situated in Pampas Verde village inhabited by around 100 people, 30 minutes by “colectivo” from Pucallpa (colectivo is a Peruvian name of a communal taxi, a shared car). Pucallpa is well connected to the capital city of Peru, Lima (16 hours by bus or one hour by plane).

If you get to Pucallpa you need to take “colectivo” from the Jiron Ucayali and Progreso crossroads (opposite the Arequipa hostel). The colectivo goes to Campo Verde, 34 km away from Pucallpa so ask the driver to stop at the 24th kilometre which is the entrance to Pampas Verde village (tell the driver: “kilometro veinte cuatro entrada a caserío Pampas Verde”). At the entrance where you get off you should see a sign saying “Arco Iris, Sanatorio Espiritual, Republica del Amor project”. Then you need to walk for 30 minutes and there you are, in our refuge in Arco Iris. You can often hitchhike if you mention don Raul and Arco Iris, everyone knows him here. Welcome home!

Main tasks:

  • gardening,
  • repairs and keeping everything in order (no special technical abilities necessary),
  • environmentally-friendly construction from recycled materials and waste,
  • exchange of abilities and experiences (self-sufficiency, ecology),
  • education and supporting the community of Pampas Verde.

Valuable skills:

  • spiritual approach to work and willingness to share abilities with others,
  • knowledge of and experience in organic crops (permaculture knowledge is welcomed),
  • knowledge about ecological engineering.

In the free time:

  • authentic life and valuable experiences with our big Amazonian family,
  • excursions to numerous rainforests and visits of Indian tribes,
  • participation in the ceremonies of our host, don Raul, who will share many secrets of the Amazonian tradition of the shamans and secrets of natural medicine,
  • creating, learning and playing in an international group of wonderful people and enthusiasts,
  • scholarships!

Please visit our websites: www.sanatorioespiritual.pl, www.rda.pe

You can email us at viento@rda.pe or call us at +48 601 377 508