I am surfing the internet looking for various initiatives related to sustainable way of life. During my travel I will be looking for places in which various concepts of self-sufficiency are visible. Often, while following side routes, we find communities in whose company we can experiment with the matter learning to be independent individually and as a group in creating our own living space.

When I was in Poland I came into contact with the creator of FreeLab project. Petros is a person who has been living relatively independently for a few years, mostly relying on the cooperation and help which he obtains from idealists similar to him. He himself develops educational projects and does it in such a way so as the acquired knowledge served also the others. The latest projects concern collaboration with Greek cooperatives which operate in the difficult conditions of the economic crisis. I set off for Spain shortly where I want to learn about the experiences of Spanish social organizations. I believe that participation in the projects related to social education, organic gardening and permaculture, ecological engineering and other areas of sustainable development will let me acquire practical knowledge and skills connected with the organisation.

While travelling I have an opportunity to reach the international group of idealists from the four corners of the world who I would like to invite in the future to build a voluntary project under the heading Republica del Amor. The idea of the Republic was conceived during my shaman practices in the Amazon where under the care of the family of maestro curandero, don Raul, we can create an international educational centre.