It is high time to return. And it is not easy. I spent two years with the don Raula family. The Amazon became my second home. The mystical lands hidden beyond the towering Andes let me in on their most treasured secrets. The rainforests are more than just the lungs of our planet – they are its heart. Here, along the banks of the longest river in the world, known to some as the sea-river, inaccessible marshes stretch as far as the eye can see. This is where pure creation explodes, there is no other place like this in the world. I got to know the inhabitants of these vast spaces… jungles, mountains, deserts, those who know this place best, much better than anyone who arrived here after Columbus. Despite the fact, that today I consider this place to be my second home, I cannot say that I suddenly became Indian.  However, I do think that I’ve understood that which is most important in their lives, and also in mine. The discovery of West Indies, the ensuing conquest and colonisation changed this place forever, but also opened a back door to the knowledge of my ancestors. Politics failed to destroy the connection Indians have with nature and Pachamama is still present in their daily lives. Being a Slav, I know that there is a reason for life leading me to this place. In the past we lived according to the same laws and only historical coincidences dictate that we live in Poland, Russia, Croatia, the Czech Republic or other, more or less divided contemporary Slav countries. We used to live in sync with the age-old rhythm of nature, respecting its every manifestation. Our beliefs did not come from doctrine, but from the deep bonds with the world which surrounds us. Old traditions bound us with our internal guiding spirit. The guiding spirit which decides if our life will be an evolution or whether we will waste it and sleep through it in a systemic illusion of individuality.