I decided to visit family who are living in eastern Poland. In my opinion, it is one of the most beautiful places in my country, as well as in Europe. The further east you go, the more nature and the less cement you see. It’s hard to believe these days, but at one time nearly all of Europe was covered in forests, which today comprise less than one percent of its total area. In comparison to other European countries, Polish agriculture has maintained a very traditional form, because of which it is the most ecological. In the place where my family is from, on the border with Ukraine in the Lubelskie Region, there are numerous beautiful, natural sanctuaries, where the land and nature are among the most fecund. Around the late 1980s and early 1990s, so-called progress came, and along with its aggressive system based on the power of money, changes began to take place. Traditional farming ceased being cost-effective, and young people began to leave their family lands, whether in pursuit of freshly-implanted ideas like success and careers or an escape from poverty and a hopeless fight against the impassive global economy.

I strongly recommend reading an interview with the famous ecology activist, Julian Rose:

We are living in times of chaos, at a difficult time when it often seems that things can’t get any worse for us. Fortunately, darkness is not able to absorb light, even if it is created by a tiny flame. I am happy that with the passing of time, I can see more and more flames around me. It is difficult to discern many of them, because they are overtaken by everyday routine and what pours forth from the news media. The fight between the two poles does not occur on the exterior, in fact. Most mystics and teachers agree that everything begins inside of us. I myself noticed that sometimes I wanted to see changes just like that, here and now. As fast as possible! How can I want to change the world if I can’t change myself? Life and its complexities, depth and value escape every attempt at mechanically changing them. Even if a change comes after sheer physical effort, it is usually illusory and simply impermanent.












That is why one can come to the conclusion that we do not have to dig at the sun with a mattock in order to have an influence on the quality of our lives. It demands a great deal of awareness and constant practice with being in the now. If we want to, we can always find a way to fix things, for the better, of course. They say that the evil one never sleeps. Indeed, that is how it has always been, and we will certainly encounter challenges at times. In spite of it all, since more and more light is appearing in times of chaos, maybe even cold logic will find a reason to act against statistical calculations and heard for a place where it is lighter?