I have managed to find quite a bit of it. I am finding more and more of it, and I sense a certain kind of acceleration of the manifestation, but I will say more about that in a moment. Let us begin with the Heart&Mind festival, organized by the Eagle-Condor-Hummingbird Foundation (Fundacja Orzeł-Kondor-Koliber). About an hour’s drive from Warsaw, the capital of Poland, there is a small forested town called Wilga, where workshops were carried out during the whole weekend by various interesting people from around the world. Among them were descendents of the Mayans of Guatemala, and other native cultures who had many valuable observations to share about the challenges of today’s world. Though they originated from different places, everyone was in agreement about many issues. We are witnessing what are possibly the most important events in the history of mankind. We are entering a breakthrough which will speed up the evolution of human thought. Possibilities are opening before us which have never been dreamt of before. A cycle of history dominated by the element of matter is closing. The times of divisions, wars, fighting for everything by everyone, and the most difficult era for humanity will retreat. We are returning to harmony, a full connection of opposing worlds. The earth is entering new times, a time of balance between opposites, between that which is material and immaterial. It is like rebirth. Birth, of course, is not an easy experience and is very painful to most.

Like a catalyst, reality pulls a hidden truth from inside of us, the positive and the negative, which we are often afraid of. That is why so much depends upon and holds tight to encoded programs. Evolution progresses with increasing dynamism. We are no longer solely interested in our cramped, separated illusion of reality. We want something more, and we sense that we will either go with the flow of deep changes, or we will drown in this increasingly powerful current.

We talk about ways of surviving in this acceleration while helping others create true, universal values; we also seek ways of re-forging them into a new quality of life, at festivals like ours in Poland. These kinds of events and initiatives are increasing in number and are beginning to reap their first fruits. A clear concept is emerging and people are being found who can bring it to life. Beginning with personal health, we change dietary habits, ways of spending time, and arranging space by using spirituality on an everyday basis. We are slowly beginning to build a society based on deep values, and the knowledge that has been gathered for so many years of our evolution. Because of the domination of values imposed on us, we weren’t able to promote certain technical solutions until now. That is about to change. Alternative technical knowledge allows us to build an alternative space.

Actually, „alternative” is not the proper word now; one should say „contemporary” and „progressive”, because these areas are expanding at a much faster rate than criticism (often unfair) of them. Changes can be seen everywhere, and in many countries this process is taking place much faster than in Poland.More and more of us are leaving former dogmas behind which are encoded in the current social system.An excellent example of activities in which matter encounters new creative energies coming from the world of higher thought is a thriving group in Poland called Cohabitat, with headquarters in Łódź.

It connects architects, engineers, and mechanics who create tools to build human settlements which are as autonomous as possible. It is no coincidence that these settlements copy solutions which have been used for centuries by Indian natives. Local society is comprised of a certain number of families who are cooperating with each other directly and functioning incomparably more optimally than the anonymous urbanization which we know so well. There is an interesting article about this subject by Stanisław Tymiński, who had an opportunity to observe Indians during his life in the Peruvian Iquitos. The materials used to build homes are gathered from local areas and they are universally available resources, like wood and leaves in the case of the Amazon, or straw and clay in the case of Central Europe. Machinery, even as heavy as tractors and diggers or other machines can be created for a fraction of the cost of expensive machines available on the market. In August, I myself took part in building a straw/clay house. While it was not easy, I had the impression that I was not working at all but having a good time with other volunteers who were eager to help with projects like these. They will surely prefer to create something that will be more lasting, ecological, economical, ergonomic, and energy efficient.