According to various scholarly sources, this year man has experienced the highest temperatures on our planet. I have found out about it only recently and it resolved my doubts as to whether I really had a reason to sense this exceptional heat. Even the permanent inhabitants of the Ucayali region, accustomed to these extreme conditions often noticed the weather anomalies. Interestingly enough, even during the ceremony with don Raul I had plenty of visions which proved that we are going through a certain period of trial, either individually or as a society, and even as the whole humanity.

In previous articles I mentioned what I saw when travelling through Venezuela. I referred to the unrest in Ukraine and in the Middle East as well as to the global tension in the world of economy and politics. The travellers from the northern, developed countries who visited our haven shared their reflections with us, often talking about the possible outbreak of a global armed conflict. I personally do not have such grim visions but this year has been really special for me and for our Pampas Verde project. I experienced the hard way the internal energy crisis which was probably related to what was going on around us, both in the Amazon rainforest and on our planet.

Even before everything started getting really complicated I decided to make a movie documenting our activities in Peru. My other half, Ilona, who in a year will graduate from film production, came to me. Given the problems, I decided to take a flexible approach to the situation and before going together to the Amazon we set off for the Andes. Surrounded by magnificent mountain peaks covered with snow, I started looking for answers to various questions which I kept thinking about, starting from what is currently happening on our planet through the issues related to the future of our project up to the most personal ones. In such a spinning wheel of disturbing circumstances I was trying to find my way in order not to fall into this multidimensional disintegration.

Once we moved further away from the chaos of mass tourism and we got closer to the natural and authentic life led by the inhabitants of the Andes regions in Peru and Bolivia, we started making use of the video recorder and recorded whatever we came across. We learned about the simple life of Quero Indians, direct descendants of the Incas, who live at the altitude over 4000 metres above sea level, far from everything that is happening on the route to Machu Picchu. We lived together with them in stone huts where at night the temperature fell below zero. We ate and spent time together discovering the ruins of the ancestors from the great empire hidden from the tourists. To express gratitude for their open hearts and for the invitation to their homes we used to go shopping and bring food products to their house. We also bought some handicrafts from them and we paid for an information board which would allow other travellers to find the way to these exceptional people. I talked with Julio, the head of an extended family, about the prospects of sustainable development and of social tourism. Slowly, though in trace amounts, the projects which address the poorest inhabitants of the South America regions explored by tourists are starting to be implemented. I promised that one day I would come back there and, if possible, help with implementation of such a project in Patacancha valley (over one hour’s drive by truck from Ollantaytambo) but until now I am struggling myself with a similar project in the Amazon and I know that this is not an easy task. This way for two months we were travelling through beautiful areas inhabited by various ethnic cultures of Quechua and Aymara before we went back to the rainforest of Ucayali. During this beautiful journey some intimate process started inside me and I was to learn about its results soon enough.

After my return to Pampas Verde together with my master, don Raul, and other disciples, Junior and Saler, we had a shaman diet. What is the diet? This word among the Amazon curanderos means the process of multidimensional healing. It is multidimensional because, as opposed to the scientific medicine we are familiar with which focuses only on the body, this healing affects not only the body but also the mind and the deepest sphere of the spirit. In practice the diet means moving away from the civilisation for the period of taking certain plants which put our essence in the state of perfect balance. So we set up camp in the forest, far from human settlement, and distanced ourselves from negative influences. Don Raul gave each of us plants which we drank as infusions during the entire diet. I will write more about the tradition of the Amazonian shamanism and in general about the entire phenomenon of ancient spiritual practices in the context of the contemporary world and the needs of contemporary man in the next article. Now back to our diet. For me it was not the first diet but Ilona had never had it before so of course I was particularly sensitive to what was going to happen. I started looking at my trip from a greater distance and I felt that this was the time to take a conscious decision regarding our future. Besides, the rainy season was approaching so I was going to leave the project for this period anyway and spend this time in Rio de Janeiro at the house of the creator of a similar voluntary project who I met in Columbia. In spite of an amazing adventure that was awaiting me in connection with the planned trip to Brazil, I felt more and more often the subconscious need to return home, this most important home: to Poland.

This subconscious call and my father’s visit resulted in my decision to return, together with my father and my love, to Europe, to the place from which I set off a year before thinking that I may go back even in a few years. It turned out to be different than I had imagined but I took all the key decisions which were decisive for the course of the journey in accordance with this deepest internal voice. Even though there were moments when I had to toss a coin, I knew I had to trust myself and go wherever it leads me to, regardless of the consequences.

So what now? Now, after I have returned to my nest I finally have time to “digest” all the impressions from the travel which allowed me to get to know not only many seas, islands and continents but also meet amazing people who left a permanent trace in my consciousness. Thanks to them I was able to realise my dream of creating new realities. The realities which are necessary for us to exit, both individually and as a community, this dead end of the contemporary system. I helped with various ideas which gave me a positive view of our future. Apart from voluntary service which I took part in and implementing my own project in the Amazon I had a chance to meet many people who gave me new inspirations which will let me, even from the distance, support everything that inspired me in America.

I am convinced that in spite of adverse conditions which we will be living in for some time, we may create a space at a completely different level. I am returning to the thesis that the world is not changed permanently by revolution but by the process of evolution which is often so difficult to notice. I am talking about sustainable development, new ethical economy and entrepreneurship where I sense the need to use the concepts of higher vibrations which go beyond the level of pure matter and the philosophy of pure profit.

After my return I would like to keep broadening this knowledge and to practise every day. I want to transform the Republica del Amor idea into a brand of conscious, honest business activity. Of course, I am not forgetting about the Amazon and we are still inviting you to our voluntary project in the Amazon; however, due to my absence in Peru only the volunteers who speak Spanish (link) can take part in this project.

I apologise all of you in advance for lack of response to some emails because lately during the execution of our plans I have been short of time and had limited access to my mailbox. This will change soon and I will try and catch up. I also promise that I will return to the subject of the changes which are covered by the project. I will explain the thoughts accompanying the concept of fair trade, which we know more and more about, and present our idea for such an activity. In spite of difficulties which our world is experiencing and obstacles which our system and the politics put in front of us every day, we can find a way to lead a decent life and do something which brings us not only material profit but also positively contributes to our common, profound transformation.