The so-called economic sciences have become out of date. This is because their principles were formulated in the era of shortage, when the supply of food and multipliable products was for technical reasons limited.

Now the world, as well as many economists, has realised that we are in a scientific void. We exist in the world which is described and managed by false economy. Economy which has been fabricated by forces unknown and hostile to us, aiming at keeping us ignorant, poor and dependent for as long as possible. We have already entered, however, the era of abundance of goods, including mainly food and multipliable commodities. In order to fully benefit from our work and possibilities the time has come to reject the false money. The present day money, together with its features, is not without a reason a powerful tool of the dictate of poverty and unhappiness. This degenerated science of present day economics will be replaced with a completely new science which we call GOODNETICS. The GOODNETICS is by definition a holistic science, which means that every issue is examined taking into consideration the full spectre of economic, ecological and social outcomes, the outcomes which bring about changes in the common awareness, in the global approach to the programme and to the politics. The new science will replace the current economy which is totally corrupt, unreal and built with the money of the leaders.

The name GOODNETICS is derived from the double meaning of the word “goodness”: goodness as a moral value and goodness as a material value. It should be noted that the name of this new science has Polish roots.

The goals of goodnetics differ from that of the traditional economy. The AIM of goodnetics is to create a scientific base of theories, hypotheses and, finally, principles which, when applied, will bring about a constant increase in the sense of holistic well-being experienced by both every person and by the state, society and an individual. The economic science will not focus on the completely dehumanised idea of GDP increase anymore; it will be replaced with an index demonstrating the sense of material and social security of every individual.

At the current stage of creating the new science we are focusing on developing programmes which will introduce radical changes to the reality around us.

Science and jurisprudence seem not to notice the changes which are taking place in this area. They fail to note the abundance of goods and the shrinking market of production work. The production work is decreasing and it will continue to decrease because people are replaced with robots and computers. Academic science and legal standards effectively obscure the image of reality. Such obvious issues as abundance and liberation from hard work find their way to the common awareness with difficulty. This knowledge, this ability to recognise the true reality and to draw conclusions is to be completed by the NEW SCIENCE – GOODNETICS.