We live at the final stage of our earthly, exceptionally material civilisation. A civilization whose nature does not favour man. A civilisation which has created countless unsolved problems and conflicts on the Earth. It is clearly visible that our current civilisation has come to a dead end. This means further intensification of the generated conflicts and trotting in the same place. The current civilisation is a structure which is totally isolated from its roots, i.e. from the Universe and the Earth on which we live, and from the Divine Laws which shape this Space. The contemporary civilisation is a totally manipulated civilisation of shadow and does not serve man, does not support him during his journey on the Earth. It is just the opposite: as this civilisation is based on “awareness of fear”, it has created structures which do not allow for full and unrestricted development of man, structures which have total power over people.

The cosmic cycle of the current civilisation’s functioning is coming to an end.

Therefore, it is necessary to return to our Cosmic and Divine Roots which man on the Earth owes his origin to. It is necessary to return to our Cosmic Divine Laws which will be the basis for building a new civilisation.

The current civilisation, which resembles purgatory, cannot be cured in any way and all the efforts to repair this false civilisation are futile. This is so obvious that the civilisation based on fear, falsehood and hatred cannot create joy, honesty, mutual respect and solidarity.

We start returning to our Cosmic and Divine Roots. We start building the bases of our new civilisation.

We start building a structure which supports new and unrestrained human-friendly development.

We start returning to the awareness of our Essence of the Universe.