To those who want to live in truth, joy and security

Today we live in a world full of manipulation and falsehood!
– In a world of plenty we have nothing to eat, but we are surrounded by a wealth of goods.
– In a world of democracy we have no freedom and we are manipulated.
– In a world of progress and development we have no time for ourselves and our loved ones.

Why has the world around us become so hostile? Why are we burdened with more fees, taxes and restrictions?
Why do we have to pay for something so natural as water, or air?
Does anyone have the right to collect these fees?

Because our present reality is man-made chaos and manipulation. It is devoid of harmony and empathy among people. We have also created an incomprehensible and harmful economic system that props up this civilization of chaos.
In this system, money is from its very origins burdened with a mistake that continues to weigh us down to this day. That burden is interest.
Money is supposed to make our lives easier.
Money may serve several functions, but it must not be a product that we pay for like every other good. This characteristic assigned to money has led to the development of powerful artificial financial markets and extravagant speculation with empty money.
We do not want to serve money.
We do not want to be victims of extortion and usury by banks and corporations.
We do not want to calculate the value of our lives in money and judge it from the perspective of personal greed and career.
Another important area is work. Work stems from a need of the soul and a desire for personal growth, not from the obligations we take on like it does today. We want to work, and we will work for our own development and desires. In order to make life better for all of us, safer, more just – and most importantly, we will work with purpose.
For centuries we have lived and supported false ideas and a false economy,
and not HUMAN BEINGS as phenomenal, dynamic creatures.

This is the last and the only possible change.
In short, this means:
A return to truth
A return to Mother Nature
A return to our Roots – the Cosmos.

And that means a return to true ethical and moral values, free from manipulation by civilization.
And that means a return to spiritual values (material values are secondary and are derived from spiritual values).
And that means a transformation of the current pseudo-democracy into a culture in which every one of us chooses an individual path and has an impact on our immediate surroundings, on our community, on our city and on our country.
And that means a transformation of the false and corrupt economy into an oikonomia, focused on the individual and not on GDP.
And that means a rejection of all the demoralized legal systems created by humans.