One of the aspects of travelling which for me is exceptionally significant is the issue of cultural differences. It would seem that the life of ordinary people in less developed southern countries is simpler. Maybe simpler, but definitely not easier. Usually it is more difficult, though I wouldn’t say it is worse because of this.

When you start living with a large family of a farmer from the Andes who struggles to survive surrounded by progressing destructive globalisation, it may be an experience which will change something in you forever. It is difficult to understand the world by looking at it from one side only. We are not born to suffer yet most people on our planet live below the conditions regarded as decent. If you go south and then return to submerge into all the consumption consumerism, it means for me that you did not do your homework. Do you still want to propel this artificial development frenzy, or maybe you want to return to fundamental values? Everyone has own reflections on what the world should be like. For me, it was extremely important to see it closely, the way it is, and then think and look for a place where I may be able to do something good.

I believe that it is important to give others something from you. Everyone has some kind of a gift which should be used properly. I have discovered many of my gifts during my travel and I want to make use of them by putting positive and constructive ideas into practice.

When I see the descendants of the Incas or of other ancient cultures commonly regarded as primitive who work honestly yet are not able to give their families a decent standard of living – this is beyond my understanding. Is it natural that they are doomed to be forgotten? For me it is not natural that the Earth which once everyone used to have the right to has been seized by human greed.

They introduce progress which is based on destruction and annihilation. In this clash the representatives of old traditions do not stand a chance. Today, the man does not rule the world because the man is ruled by money.

I find it hard to evaluate how much I have learnt about myself and about all of us by acquiring the knowledge of the oldest cultures of our planet. For ages these people have been guarding the timeless values which can give us harmony and common prosperity. I am sure that we will finally see it and then they will regain the respect they deserve. In Europe, as a result of historic changes and political moves of the rulers, we have been practically cut off of our roots. Let me remind you that every nation owes it origin to indigenous cultures which used to live by being directly connected to the nature. In the past, everybody treated the nature surrounding us with respect, fraternally. Unfortunately, with time the nature was brought down to the level of mere subject of unstoppable exploitation. Luckily, there are still such places as the Andes or the Amazon where we can meet people who were brought up having a deep bond with our home, earth, the planet, even the entire universe. This is where our spirituality emerged which with time has been locked in the canons of institutional control. I know that it is worth noticing how valuable such people are, those living according to the old order, and how much we can learn from them.

Whether in America, Asia or Africa, destruction in the name of material hegemony of the most prosperous countries takes place everywhere. We cannot turn a blind eye on this, we have to face it. There have been long-lasting attempts to distort the awareness of indigenous peoples and to reduce it to superstitions but if we explore it ourselves, something important happens in us. While talking we came to various conclusions that foster the belief in a positive change. The more destruction and problems are generated by the world of politics and economy, the faster this “primitive” awareness is reborn in us. The truth is that whatever is done by the lowest instincts nesting in today’s politics, they are not able to stop the great evolutionary change which leads us forward. What is more, this process is gradually accelerating.