During my travels I will seek places where different concepts of self-sufficiency are found. Very often, when travelling on side roads, one finds communities where one can experiment with matter, learning individual and group independence in the creation of one’s own living space.

While still in Poland, I had already established contact with the creator of the FreeLab project. Petros is a person who has been living relatively independently for several years, for the most part based on cooperation and help which he receives from idealists like himself. He runs educational projects in such a way that others benefit from the knowledge that they gain. Recent projects include working with Greek cooperatives, who function in the difficult conditions of the economic crisis. I, in the meantime, am about to head toward Spain, where I want to learn about the experiences of social organizations there. I believe that there will be opportunities to gain practical knowledge and organizational experience by taking part in projects in areas of social education, organic farming and perma-culture, ecological construction, and other areas of balanced development.

While on the road, I will have the chance to reach an international group of idealists from different parts of the world, who I would like to invite in the future to take part in building a volunteer project under the banner of Republica del Amor. The idea of the Republic came about during my shaman practices in the Amazon region, where under the care of a family maestro curandero, Don Raula, we can create an international educational center.