E=MC2 Everything is energy!!!

Even our subjective science, based on the matter only, stated that:
“it is not possible to measure simultaneously all the parameters of subatomic particles”. And this literally means that:

the act of observation has an impact on how the particles of the matter behave. Thought influences the matter!!! The universe is created from awareness!

The matter, energy and thought are the three forms of a defined continuum. We are in the ocean of pure, vivid awareness from which here and there the matter emerges. Everything that exists comes from a thought. It is the invisible world of causes.

  • The physical world consists of atoms;
  • atoms contain energy;
  • energy consists of something still subtler: the awareness.

Our material science states that at the level of absolute zero there is the “zero field” and it is not “something empty”.

This is a field of information, a living potential of creation, Cosmic Awareness. (Our thoughts create the essence of the world).


The laws governing the subatomic particles and solar systems govern also our thoughts, feelings, families and our life. What happens in the visible world stems from the hidden, invisible part. Just like in an iceberg in which 95% is hidden in the invisible ocean of Awareness. “There is nothing more powerful than an idea”. “Thought is the most powerful force of the Universe”. Awareness-energy-matter is a continuum of the potential of our creation.

1). Law of attraction.

It explains the creative process where the invisible world generates the circumstances and events in our life.

The cause and effect principle.

Every formulated thought is communicated in the form of certain frequency and it evokes a reply-response in the quantum world. This principle is a challenge because you are instantly responsible for everything. You cannot hold anyone else responsible any more.


The resonance principle

states that the energy, awareness, thought of a similar frequency, with a similar idea will resonate with each other and with any other similar form. The law of attraction is simply the resonance phenomenon and the cause and effect principle. Common thoughts create common events and circumstances of the same shape and pattern. This is why they together resonate with such similar thoughts.

2). The law of incubation.

The seed of your life is an extremely precise, conscious vision of your life, the life you want to create. This is the basis of any form of your existence.
And of your developing company too. Also, every seed and every idea has its incubation time necessary to develop it into a ripe, real fruit. Forget about impatience!!! Be patient enough!!! Put your faith in the surrounding Universe, it wants to give you all you have expressed so clearly. Zero fields, quantum vacuum are omniscient, almighty and unlimited.

3). Law of action.

You have to be personally active in creating and implementing your vision. If you apply these laws yourself, you will also be subject to them. Waiting with a vision ready in your head for a windfall is fruitless. We have to comply with the “procedures” of the Divine Universe.

4). Law of compensation.

This law occurs as an unavoidable result (and effect) of a given set of activities, actions, of your activity. This concerns both a single life as well as the life of social, political, business and other organizations.

  1. The Library of the Universe

The Cosmic Mind (how to benefit from it?) How to draw energy from this quantum universe? This is a critical question!!! Because here you have a choice.

Your choice will be made by your Ego or by your real Essence.

You may use the power of will and consciously change your beliefs. But this will work only for a few minutes! If you really want to change your convictions, you need to change them in the place where they reside: in the subconsciousness. This part of the mind is united with the Cosmic Potential of Creation – the Awareness of the Universe. The operational mind which your Ego has the access to is a good tool to evaluate the situation and to ask questions, to make plans, this is the place where you “design” your beliefs. Setting a goal is a conscious activity but achieving it is a subconscious action. In order to achieve success you have to become an expert on using both areas of your mind: the acquired and learnt one, which your Ego has the access to and where the perception occurs (individual and subjective process), and the mind connected with the Divine Universe, the mind called subconsciousness where the cognition process takes place. It is something you observe but do not create as it has already been created.

Two stages of world creation:

Stage 1: using your conscious mind you choose from the ocean of possibilities the thoughts and ideas which you want to become your beliefs. This is a conscious process. It can be initiated by your Ego and your Cosmic Nature.

Stage 2: you systematically instil your beliefs and transform your desires into a thinking habit; this process takes place in the powerful subconsciousness, the part of the mind which is the Universe.

  1. You create a crystal clear image of your dream company, woman, lifestyle, desires, as a perfect seed.
  2. Using a wide spectre of recording techniques you communicate the images of the company, woman, lifestyle and desires to the subconscious sphere of your mind. You plant your seed in the Area of Cosmic Potential Creation.

What you desire has very little to do with what you will get in the end!!! You may desire anything!

And nothing will happen!!!

This is because you do not transmit it as an instruction to the Cosmic Area of Creation!!!

Because you have no communication or connectivity with the appropriate Cosmic Mind!!!

Because your New Year’s resolutions are each time just a useless, unreal wish of your Ego in your operational mind. This is a projection of your Ego which will express your dream in the matter and that’s it. Ego does not create because creation belongs to a completely different place.

How to fulfil yourself? – the easiest way is to fall in love with what you want to achieve.

To define your tasks means to define your life. The goals are the milestones along your path. Goals make everything easier because they show you your way, the direction. Your desires are an expression of the Cosmic Awareness which seeks manifestation through you here on the Earth. During this manifestation you create yourself, your personal awareness, putting it at the higher and higher level. In this process the matter is only your tool but it is not the most important thing.

Five of your indispensable features

  1. you have to find something that will move your Soul,
  2. you need to become excellent at what you fell in love with,
  3. you need to programme your mind so that you believe in what you fell in love with,
  4. you must act every day in this matter, which means that you need to create your life
    “differently”, i.e. in the Awareness,

Neural reprogramming of the consciousness

  1. Creating your own vision of life.

Repeatability+influence = New Reality

Subconscious mind does not know whether a given event is real or whether it is only imagined to be real. It recognizes, however, how deeply the event has been imprinted in your mind! The only way to “leave a deep trace” is the process of repetition(!) and the emotional impact of your imagination on the newly “designed reality” (you want to have a tree – visualize the germinating seed!).

  1. Creating the power of affirmation

Procedures of reprogramming the consciousness

Meditation is the foundation of this process! (i.e. teaching your acquired mind to concentrate). Based on this, we build a structure of our beliefs and dreams in the subconscious part of our mind. If needed, meditation also:

  • increases concentration,
  • increases the level of energy,
  • boosts creativeness,
  • introduces internal peace,
  • reduces anxiety and depression while increasing the sense of happiness,
  • improves the general state of health,
  • develops the awareness of quantum field.

In meditation you consciously use the four-speed gearbox of creation;
(Beta, Alpha, Theta, Delta) your „mental Engine”.

  1. Meditation technique

Sit or lie down comfortably. Breathe slowly through the nose and concentrate on the flow of air going through your nose or listen to the sound of silence. You may also close your eyes and observe the appearing colours. You may visualise an image of beautiful nature which you saw e.g. in your childhood and which you have a close relationship with.
You open the gates to the quantum field! To its exploration!

Concentration – the greatest power in the Universe.

  1. Neural Reprogramming Process

After you finish meditating, you visualise your visions: yourself, your company, your surroundings (this must be a crystal clear vision, with all the details). This process is carried out twice, in the morning after you wake up and in the evening before you go to bed. You can reinforce it with sessions during the day as well. After the visualisation you may read your affirmations out loud.

Listen to the recording.

To sum up:

  1. Meditation,
  2. Visualisations,
  3. Affirmations, reading, listening.

By regular meditations and neural reprogramming you will change your mind into something completely different!!! Regularity and patience are crucial to this process.
No matter how reliable the knowledge and information you have is – they will not help you with anything, will not be useful until they are in your acquired part of the brain, in the operational part.

You must move this knowledge to your subconscious area of the brain, i.e. to the Cosmic Potential of Creation. This is the only way to make this knowledge serve you well and support you in your lifetime.

ANT – automatic negative thoughts – these are your enemies, negative “ants”, thoughts which have possessed you, continuously whirling in your head. Nobody whispers to you even a small fraction of what you tell yourself!!! Without meditation it is not possible to eliminate the whispers of these negative thoughts!!!

These are only your thoughts and you have control over them! Once you notice these negative whispers, change them into some other thought, into conscious thinking about something positive, into conscious positive thinking about yourself or about an event, that e.g. “I will manage perfectly well”. Though it may sound simple it does not mean that it is easy. If your “ants” were roaming around your mind for years, you need some time, regularity and effort to change it. Take this effort and check what your “ants” are saying. Decode their content and then change them into their exact opposites.

Write these down and add them to your list of affirmations.

When you design these new thoughts in your conscious mind, introduce them to the “subconscious cosmic part of the brain”. Delineate new, low-potential energetic paths of creation and let them work now. How will they work? By repetition, as it is the case with walking, reading etc. The more often it happens, the lower will be the threshold for launching positive thoughts. Frequent repetition will make the thoughts repeat and reinforce themselves, the neural paths which launch negative thoughts will be “flooded over” and their trigger point will be more difficult to reach than in the case of the new, positive ones.

How long does it take to repair and eliminate the “ANTs”? The incubation law applies here. It requires time but once you start the process you will be surprised to see how fast the progress happens. It is like a ball, the most difficult thing is to start, but then the snowball effect works.

You only need to learn how to use your conscious abilities to draw on the fantastic power of your subconscious – the cosmic mind.


People who act on a large scale have:

  • wider perspective,
  • more imagination,
  • are flexible and are changing,
  • passion for actions, passion for life!!!
  • control over the images in their heads,

People who act on a large scale ask for help from:

  • mentors,
  • trainers,
  • task teams.

Such helpers are important but less significant than

your ability to focus on your own vision and to control the thoughts in your cosmic mind.

And remember!

Universe is Energy! and it has one constant attribute: Volatility!!!


you have amazing resources and tools at your disposal!

  • Quantum Ocean of Infinite Information, Intelligence and Knowledge of the Universe!!!
  • Great power of the laws of the Universe


  • the most powerful device, i.e. the human operational mind and the powerful, cosmic mind;
  • its powerful ability to absorb and process;
  • now also the tools to create the thoughts and beliefs, to make your mind create anything you want;
  • keys to creating the ideal company, family and relations with people;
  • keys to the operation of supporting your creation in the operational part of the brain and the part which is still beyond your conscious mind, the one from the Universe.

ACTING on a large scale is acting with LOVE!!!

The second prerequisite for successful self-fulfilment in the coming civilisation is acting with love towards every subject and object, towards the nature, civilisation and the Universe.
The first prerequisite which I have formulated above is the ability to create thoughts by your conscious mind and imprinting them in your subconscious mind.