The best system and the best programme of reforms may be distorted and implementation of its idealistic, humanistic intentions may prove counterproductive.

The reason is human imperfection. Changes must start from us, from getting to know ourselves by educating our own AWARENESS and teaching about the real needs, from setting free from the imposed stereotypes and thinking habits. From your openness to life.

First of all, we need to start working on activating the right hemisphere in our brains. We need to depart from the rules of fight, productivity, efficiency, intentionality and competitiveness which dominate in the contemporary world. As Jesus said, reawaken a child in you.

In spite of so many difficulties and obstacles in today’s life, you can be happy. Just try. If you start this education process, soon enough you will find a sense of community with others. This will initiate the process of understanding what SPIRITUALITY is.