Heraclitus of Ephesus said that “the only constant is change”. Laozi also had something to say in this matter: “Life is a series of natural and spontaneous changes. Don’t resist them – that only creates sorrow. Let reality be reality. Let things flow naturally forward in whatever way they like”. There are no better words to serve as an introduction.

My earlier plans under the heading “what next?” are evolving again in an unpredictable way. Well, maybe not completely unpredictable. With time everything starts to take shape of a more and more obvious chain of events. The chain reaction started a good few years ago, probably in 2008 but I am not so sure about that either. Every episode of this puzzle is necessary to understand why I am really here, why I was born here, in these times, in all the turmoil of the turn of centuries.

Even before I went to the Amazon I wanted to change my life, to go in a consciously set direction. The aim was Spain. As the country situated in the furthest corner of Europe it seemed to be a perfect place to see “what would happen if”, to experience first-hand what people usually leave at the level of more or less dim images and fantasies. I simply wanted to check what it would be like to be free and to decide where and how I live. The Mediterranean Sea, the Atlantic Ocean, good climate, positive mentality of the southerners and, most importantly, this special ingredient of my recipe for a primitively sensed freedom. The primitive dimension is positive here because it is connected with most deeply rooted and concealed desires where this mystic element of the great unknown is decisive to the quality. The machine of dreams was launched and it took me further south; as it turned out later, much further than I had planned. I started learning a new language and collecting all the information about the possibility to land a job in Spain. Without going into details of my adventures, which I will tell you about on some other occasion, all of a sudden my life was full of strange events, which many call “coincidences”. This unexpected series of events led to my travel across the ocean, to Latin America, to the rainforests of the Amazon which seduced me completely. The last few years have changed irreversibly the way I see who I am, where I am heading and how I can use my current life.

In spite of my initial plans to stay in America for many years, an internal voice brought me back to my family home in Poland. Now I guess I know why, and even if I don’t, I will be waiting for the answer impatiently. I feel that I am getting closer to solving this amazing riddle. Even though I know that I will keep going back to America, I cannot stop thinking about the prologue to my Latino odyssey, about Spain. I have been there a few times, once I even got there by sea. At that time, however, in the face of the economic crisis of 2009 I decided to postpone my plans of moving there…

The years pass by and the crisis, in spite of the promises given by the ruling elites, is doing pretty well, perhaps even better than at the beginning of 2009. The entire southern part of Europe is suffering from really high unemployment and is at the brink of bankruptcy. Other countries do not know how to get out of the financial trap of debt. People are out of their depth and the reality which they have so laboriously composed turns out to be a pure illusion. It would seem that I can let it drop for the next 5 or 10 years because in the face of what the guys from Brussels are doing there are no signs that the situation is going to improve any time soon. To hell with them! So I guess we already know that we can wait forever and the political swindlers won’t take care of our future anyway. Blinded by the power and giddy with money, they gradually destroy what is left of our beautiful planet. Development is most important. Nearly all of them rest on this immature statement. You don’t have to be an expert on economy to notice that our planet is running out of its resources and that distribution of goods, which used to be common, is both extremely unfair and ineffective. Many Europeans know this and next to the absurd and heartless system they create their own, independent area for life. Every year there are more and more of these anti system rebels.

Even on the periphery of the EU the number of progressive initiatives is increasing. Such concepts include mainly the plans of existential independence of households, villages and societies which produce their own food or generate own electricity. Such residential areas, called “off grid”, which are independent of the infrastructure, can also create alternative models, not only in the sphere of infrastructure. Visionaries and creators of such places more and more often take over also education and upbringing of the younger generations. They create their own independent media where the content is not censored by the corporate lobby and political correctness propaganda. These pioneers consciously create happiness for themselves, their relatives and for all the interested ones who have rejected false religion programmed by corrupt institutions of the decaying civilisation. A civilisation which will collapse, just as other systems which the history tells us about and which functioned against the universal laws of life on our planet. This is the change which was ignored by the fallen societies. It’s time to show courage and follow the change or stay and let the time change us into fossils, like dinosaurs. This is a challenge which may be analysed globally or individually. There is no place for justifications and excuses. I have seen a bit of the world and I have met people who live in a beautiful, even divine way alongside the global destruction machine. The beginning of change is us, madmen, not so numerous yet, who are able to escape from this race for gold and this topic will be the driving force behind my next expedition. However, before I head for the South again at the end of the summer, I wanted to share with you a film presenting a story which in a way sums up the last years I spent across the Atlantic.

“El Curandero. Las Ensenanzas de don Raul” is the title of my first documentary which I made in the Ucayali jungle in Peru. Translated from Spanish it means “The Healer. The Teachings of don Raul”. It is a story about the life of an Amazonian shaman who became my second father when I went to Peru a few years ago. Raul Flores da Silva is a guide to the world of medicinal plants of the rainforest and the best known of these plants: Ayahuasca. Raul is a master of Amazonian traditions and at the same time a very modest man whose life from the very beginning has followed the rhythm long forgotten by most inhabitants of the so-called Western world. This simple man is a healer from the jungle who learnt everything he knows and everything with which he helps the society from his homeland by coming into direct contact with the nature surrounding him. His medical, but also spiritual practice is deeply rooted in the green ocean of the Amazon and of its indigenous inhabitants. It was the Indians who first shared the secrets of the forest with Raul’s ancestors; after his father’s death Raul is trying to continue the work his father started and cures everyone in need who comes to his spiritual sanatorium. Raul is also the head of the family: husband of Welma and father of Javier, Sonia, Raul Angelo, Peter, Juan Carlos and Jairo… Finally, Raul is a foundation of an amazing story which I wanted to present to the entire world.

Please take a look at the film: https://youtu.be/Vi8y2t4q2BI