The New Civilisation, a concept and practice based on the Energy and Power of Harmony (as opposed to the current one based on the energy of fear).

New Civilisation; the first basic condition for its creation.

This is a new social movement based on solidarity of people on the Earth. The movement which is a return to our natural roots to which we owe our origin as human beings. These roots can be found in our Universe and its Divine Structure. This is the last revolution of our current civilisation but it is a revolution which does not define or have any enemy. Just the opposite: it demonstrates the need to collaborate on the basis of human solidarity. The very notion of solidarity is deeply rooted in the laws of the Universe and it means collaboration and acceptance while its power is the Power of Harmony. This is the first social process in the history of our civilisation which does not require or need an enemy.

Here in Poland, we already have great experiences related to the “Solidarity” movement, the social process which started in Poland in 1980. Its course and results taught the Polish society a great lesson, which shows how effective the process of such social transformations on the Earth is in the last years of our consumer and materialistic civilisation.

The Solidarity movement of 1980 led to regaining independence by Poland and to the collapse of the block of socialist countries. But apart from that, in the long term, this idea has failed. It is perfectly understandable why this has happened. The Solidarity movement of 1980 was a completely new social movement which addressed common values and goals. However, this was the first such process in Europe; there had been no similar experiences on the Earth. This movement was innovative but it was based on old schemata: it wanted to solve all the problems and organize a just, maybe even happy, society lumping the material and immaterial values together, without stating exactly what immaterial values the society must have so that it creates a fair and good social system.

Our civilisation in its current form and cycle on the Earth is the civilisation of fear and falsehood. It is shaped by nations and societies on the basis of human operational mind (acquired in one lifetime on the Earth). The operational mind during our development cycle here on the Earth has created by nature powerful and strong features which we call the “Ego Syndrome”. Religious, educational and political processes made our operational mind separated from a wider earthly and cosmic context. This way they have detached our essence from its base, from our roots. This way at the beginning of the 21st century a complex yet very unstable system appeared on the Earth; this system is an operational mind based on fear.

What does it mean? Continuous wars and destruction, social and religious conflicts, and finally lack of stability and conflicts even within the smallest social structures, namely families: all this is based on constant exploitation of one man by the other.

In our Universe, on our Earth, we exist in the area of dualism and free will: good vs bad, ugly vs pretty, bright vs dark, while the bases of our Universe are created from positive energy of acceptance – “Energy and Awareness of Love”. Our civilisation is the civilisation of shadow, separated from the Divine Laws which govern the Universe. It is obvious that civilisation which is based on fear and which appreciates aggression, falsehood and fear is not able to create spiritual values such as love, solidarity and responsibility for another man. For this reason, every attempt to develop and create spiritual values is in vain. In this civilisation our limited operational mind is effectively used to block the access to our Essence, Awareness and our Cosmic Roots. And there is only one reason for this: the desire to have power and control over our brothers living on the Earth.

This power can be gained only by blocking awareness and knowledge. This is what our civilisation is like, nobody and nothing in it is interested in expanding the Cosmic and Divine Awareness in man.

On the contrary, everything has already been manipulated: politics, economy and the laws governing social life. In our reality the person who creates “the truth” from the largest possible falsehood and biggest lies enjoys greatest respect. We all pretend that everything is normal and we build our lives in an ethical swamp where practically no moral law exists, in the civilisation which is totally manipulated and is heading for the end of its existence.

Now we are beginning to return to our roots by conscious action. This means, first of all, self-improvement, working to improve one’s own awareness. This is going beyond one’s own operational mind acquired in this lifetime. This is the return to our Divine Awareness. Achieving and understanding these Divine values is then followed by further common and solidary creation of new civilisation based on the awareness of Harmony, where our Divine and Cosmic roots are the source of our power, as it is written in the sacred books of all the religions on the Earth. A new economy emerges, new societies based on divine laws will appear, and the matter is a part of much richer and wider human activity on the Earth.