To the south

I am surfing the internet looking for various initiatives related to sustainable way of life. During my travel I will be looking for places in which various concepts of self-sufficiency are visible. Often, while following side routes, we find communities in whose company we can experiment with the matter learning to be independent individually and [...]

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“Pueblo Gaya” Fractal University

At the foot of Sierra Nevada an unusual educational centre is being formed. The centre, even though it is at the initial phase of its operation, has already inspired many people to make personal evolutionary changes. The founders of this place, monks of one of Indian ashrams who go on pilgrimages around the world, created [...]

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The evolution catalysts

While travelling through beautiful regions of South America I often establish a kind of connection with something bigger than us. Subtle energies make my mind calm down, just like during meditation, and this other, more hidden part of me comes to the forefront. I do not want to put a name on it or identify [...]

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Voluntary service in the Amazon

Welcome to Sanatorio Espiritual, a spiritual haven in the centre of the Amazon in Peru. Sanatorio Espiritual has been created for people who look for the possibility of purification and restoration at the physical, mental and spiritual levels. Under the leadership of don Raul, a respected master curandero (healer), the patron of this magical place, [...]

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According to various scholarly sources, this year man has experienced the highest temperatures on our planet. I have found out about it only recently and it resolved my doubts as to whether I really had a reason to sense this exceptional heat. Even the permanent inhabitants of the Ucayali region, accustomed to these extreme conditions [...]

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It is difficult to understand the world by looking at it from one side only, part 4

One of the aspects of travelling which for me is exceptionally significant is the issue of cultural differences. It would seem that the life of ordinary people in less developed southern countries is simpler. Maybe simpler, but definitely not easier. Usually it is more difficult, though I wouldn’t say it is worse because of this. [...]

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Don Raul’s teachings

Heraclitus of Ephesus said that “the only constant is change”. Laozi also had something to say in this matter: “Life is a series of natural and spontaneous changes. Don’t resist them – that only creates sorrow. Let reality be reality. Let things flow naturally forward in whatever way they like”. There are no better words [...]

Economic initiatives of the Indian concept of development

Human happiness in our Polish, extremely political reality, is fundamentally dependent on external factors. Less than thirty years after the economic change let in western brands, we can easily observe the influence of promoting consumer lifestyle have had on our spirit. After all these years we can attempt to evaluate what we were sold. Unfortunately, [...]

Time to go back… part. 6

It is high time to return. And it is not easy. I spent two years with the don Raula family. The Amazon became my second home. The mystical lands hidden beyond the towering Andes let me in on their most treasured secrets. The rainforests are more than just the lungs of our planet - they [...]

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Where can we find change?

Self improvement is laborious, but it does provide amazing satisfaction. I am trying to find the golden mean in all this. Undoubtedly I want to be happy with myself and share what I can with others. My journey began even before I left my home for good. It seems that my path was written in [...]

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