Sanatorio Espiritual

It’s my second month at sea. I left Spain in November, travelling through the Canary Islands and Cape Verde, reaching America just before the new year.

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Sacred economics – with commentary from Izabela Litwin

After I reached Trinidad and Tobago by sea, I decided to step ashore and see with my own eyes one of the most politically controversial places on the map - Venezuela.

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When I completed my studies I had gone through around 20 years of education, starting from primary school and finishing with post-graduate work.

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The creation of a new civilization

The New Civilization, the concept and practical application based on the Energy and Power of Love (as opposed to the present one, based on the Energy of fear.

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Things you can do today

Today something unusual happened. You heard/read/saw something that confirmed your suspicions that you are in some sort of matrix. You already know: you are a battery, a slave entangled in a systemic network. And now what?

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Sustainable Spain

If you’ve had enough of the concrete that overflows with consumerism all around you, and you would like to learn to create your own little Eden, you will be pleased to know that there are places which will happily accept you.

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How we created hell

The first sin: violating principles of equality.

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Unconditional love

Unconditional love is offering a loved one the greatest and most wonderful gift of freedom. It is full acceptance, understanding, and empathy without attempts at appropriation.

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The Venezuelan experiment

Information about what is happening in Venezuela does not easily reach a wide audience, though what is going on there deserves close attention.

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A bit about life, time and consciousness of being on Earth

We are on Earth to get to know ourselves and our divine/cosmic roots.

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