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Don Raul’s teachings

Heraclitus of Ephesus said that “the only constant is change”. Laozi also had something to say in this matter: “Life is a series of natural and spontaneous changes. Don’t resist them – that only creates sorrow. Let reality be reality. Let things flow naturally forward in whatever way they like”. There are no better words [...]

How to take over real control over one’s own life and actions

E=MC2 Everything is energy!!! Even our subjective science, based on the matter only, stated that: “it is not possible to measure simultaneously all the parameters of subatomic particles”. And this literally means that: the act of observation has an impact on how the particles of the matter behave. Thought influences the matter!!! The universe is [...]

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A few remarks about man

I. I have a few simple and basic questions which I want to ask you. – for a few thousand years the world, religions, political parties, nations and people have been talking about love among people but still nothing has changed, has it? On the contrary, we are all heading for a disaster. why is [...]

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Creation of the New Civilisation

The New Civilisation, a concept and practice based on the Energy and Power of Harmony (as opposed to the current one based on the energy of fear). New Civilisation; the first basic condition for its creation. This is a new social movement based on solidarity of people on the Earth. The movement which is a [...]

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New civilisation

We live at the final stage of our earthly, exceptionally material civilisation. A civilization whose nature does not favour man. A civilisation which has created countless unsolved problems and conflicts on the Earth. It is clearly visible that our current civilisation has come to a dead end. This means further intensification of the generated conflicts [...]

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We Are The Change

A certain cycle in which the current civilisation functions is coming to an end. An attentive observer perceives the global changes in every aspect of life. From the era of material shortage we have moved to the times of abundance of goods. Our awareness, however, is still in the old order governed by the brutal [...]

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The best system and the best programme of reforms may be distorted and implementation of its idealistic, humanistic intentions may prove counterproductive. The reason is human imperfection. Changes must start from us, from getting to know ourselves by educating our own AWARENESS and teaching about the real needs, from setting free from the imposed stereotypes [...]

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New economy

What the economy has not realised is that from the era of shortage we have inconspicuously entered the era of abundance, that the industrial capitalism which has become a financial and speculative hybrid is changing in front of our eyes into informative capitalism. This third wave of civilisation requires a new economic science with completely [...]

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Is economy a science?

Economy is classified as a scientific discipline. However, it does not meet the criteria that need to be met by the science. Science is supposed to explain how the world functions. Its achievements are result of scientific research carried out on the basis of certain paradigms. Such research is repeated many times in order to [...]

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Elimination of global financial markets as a prerequisite for building the new social system

The time has come to start talking openly. To define precisely the reasons for the current financial crisis. To shake off the fear of consequences arising from the diagnosis. The time has come to question the assumptions and certainties because the direction the present science is following leads nowhere. The current economic crisis, just like [...]

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