The idea of WE ARE CHANGE FOUNDATION has its roots in the Outraged Movement. Then, the idea of transforming the Outraged into the Awakened occurred. The Awakened are people who do not demand changes but make them, who are aware of their capabilities and rights, who remember about their subjectivity but do not agree to be treated as slaves, who demand improvement of living conditions but also create the necessary changes themselves. Yes, we know that it is the State that is subservient to the people while the Nation is the Sovereign.

We acknowledge that a way to introduce changes and to awaken the society is to provide two-tier education. On the one hand, it should raise AWARENESS in each of us and on the other it should show how to realistically evaluate the economic and financial reality around us. The reality whose true side is sometimes deeply hidden.

Economic sciences, the current paradigms and the mindsets we are fed with effectively obscure the true image of reality. Our aim is to wake people up from their hypnosis and lethargy caused by their conviction that they are impotent. Learning about the mechanisms of economic and financial enslavement of both the Nation and individuals will liberate us and let us make the much needed CHANGES.

Through common development of AWARENESS we want to encourage people to seek solutions and ways of building a reality which would be devoid of fear of the future as well as economically and socially safe.

We do not call for revolution. Our aim is to build a “house” by finding inside ourselves such attitudes which with time have been cleverly and effectively hidden in our civilisation. Our goal is to learn about the foundations of our existence here, on Earth. Our current civilisation is built on the basis of debt money and usury. If we do not get rid of debt money, every change will be merely superficial. The ways and methods of achieving our aims are described in OUR ACTIVITIES.

The We Are Change Foundation is not, and does not intent to be, a political party. We do not get involved in any political arguments. Our basic task is to create a forum for nationwide discussion about CHANGE.