The foundation “We Are Change” (Jesteśmy Zmianą) was formed in February 2013 by people who want to support positive changes going on around us and participate actively in them.

We strive to make our surroundings, both immediate and distant, more friendly for others. Our point of departure is change within ourselves following the principle “Be the change you wish to see in the world” (Mahatma Gandhi).

The content published on our page is an attempt to understand the principles governing our reality, both on the perceivable, material level and the non-material – the level associated with human experiences, emotions, and awareness of the processes going on within us and around us.

A large portion of our activity consists of educational undertakings. Our authors – professional economists, passionates of the science of economics, artists, teachers, scholars – produce volumes of articles on the Internet in which they explain economic processes and unmask their harmful effects. They also propose changes based on solutions grounded in new economics.

Our economic and social education programmes presently encompass four projects:

1. Publication and promotion of the book “Before We Hit the Streets” by Izabela Litwin and Joanna Carignan
The book is available as an e-book in both the original Polish and in six translations (English, Spanish, German, Russian, Ukrainian, Hungarian) here.
We are seeking volunteers to translate it into other languages and promote it both around Europe and outside its borders. We do not ask for any intellectual property royalties.
A follow-up publication is already in the works titled “Before We’re on the Streets”

2. Production of the educational board game “Crisis”
This game is in fact two versions in one game: old economics and new economics. The “old economics” version shows us the familiar, destructive mechanisms underlying our economic system: credit, interest, taxes… The aim of the second “new economics” game is cooperation between players leading to the creation of an entirely different economic reality, friendly for people.
Learn more about the game and how to buy it here.

3. “Navigators of Tomorrow” course
Post-graduate studies organized in cooperation with the Warsaw School of Management, as well as the same course of study conducted by the Foundation’s Open University for individuals without a higher education. The year-long program is designed to prepare students for initiating and implementing social and economic changes in our country that will serve the common weal and expand access to goods. Materials from lectures will also be made available to the general public in video format.
More information about the course is available here.

4. The Voice on the Street portal about economic issues
Our portal is designed to help understand economics in its “old”, traditional form (contrary to popular opinion that economics is a complicated science, inaccessible to the average Joe) and to expand knowledge about new economics. It is also our desire for the portal to become a platform for exchanging views and for integration of groups working to create social and economic change.