Here are a few simple, basic questions for you:

– for a few thousand years, the world, religions, parties, nations, and people have talked about love among us, but it hasn’t changed anything. On the contrary, we are all headed for disaster.
– why is our history one of conflicts and wars?
– why are people of different religious beliefs slaughtering each other?
– why are there so many orphanages in the world?
– why are there so many old people’s homes in the world?
– why aren’t people bothered by the powerful state monopoly on guns and devices of mass destruction in a majority of countries?
– why isn’t anyone concerned about the powerful monopoly on alcohol which is destroying millions of people?
– why isn’t anyone concerned about the powerful monopoly on tobacco which is destroying millions of people?
– why are we increasingly afraid for our survival?
– why are there such powerful, global practices of manipulation in the media?


Look at nature:
– why don’t we see mothers in nature, among animals and birds, who hurt their offspring?
– why don’t we see instances in nature, among animals and birds, where offspring hurt their mothers?
– why is it that in nature there is such a fantastic feeling of harmony and balance, and why is it that only people are “something” that interferes with that state on Earth?


The barrier to experiencing the realness of the connection with the Source comes from identifying ourselves as our minds. That makes the mind into a constraint, like in a whirl. The lack of opportunities for stopping the flow of thought is a destructive state which almost all of us suffer from, though we treat it as if it were normal.
A false, phantom consciousness is producing thoughts.
It creates a barrier between you and the Cosmos, and divides you from the natural Divine roots inside of you.
The mind is a great tool, but you are not using it right now.
It is using you. A mere tool has taken control of you.

And what does all of this mean?
What kind of trap are we being pushed into? It is the trap of an unconscious mind.
It is a trap because that is when you are able to be controlled.

But there is also good news!
You can free yourself of it and that is the one and only true liberation.
For thousands of years in the current civilization, somebody and/or something has been pushing us into a blind alley.
What the hell — it was always like that in the old days, and still is. But does it have to stay like that, now? No! And why not?
Because you are paying a higher and higher price! You, yes you!
Our mind is a phantom self — it is simply our ego.
It is maintained by our constant thoughts and our unconscious identification with the acquired operative mind.

What is the ego? It is a group of traits based on fear, anxiety, and falsity. Only the past and future are of any meaning to it. It is constantly busy with upholding the life of the past, because that is what feeds it. It runs toward the future, in order to guarantee its survival and fulfill itself.
It talks and promises: someday there will be this or that, and I will be happy.
It shows you chimeras – NO, you will never, ever be happy!!!
It will only be a momentary rest in a sea of dissatisfaction.
The ego mind is not interested in NOW.

New biology.
This is a concept of genetic determinism, in which we are programmed by our genes and that our lives are set genetically.
That is what we are being told! But that is not how things are!
Our Consciousness controls the activity of particular genes!!! 

New mathematics and physics.
This states that we are an organized emptiness with a small bit of energy.
It is mathematically proven and accepted by science as fact.
That is what we are being told! But that is not how things are!
We (the entire Cosmos) are Consciousness and Energy.


Now look at the history of our present civilization. There is a constant fight, between nations, between the largest religious groups, between societies, all the way down to the basic unit of society, families. Where do these conflicts come from?
They happen because control over another person can only be achieved through a dependent, unconscious, and conflict-ridden mind.
When you leave this toy behind — the operational mind with its five senses — you are beyond control.
We are on a difficult journey in the canal of time.
Someone is holding the waters of power, the waters of economic power.
The mechanisms of mass mind control are raising the level of fear for their own egotistical gains. But there are also many ticking time bombs set to destroy and change this inhuman civilization!

Study a bit and read:

– Hermes Trismegistos – the great writer from Egypt, on hermeticism and the basic alchemy of words.

– Nassim Haramein – the great contemporary physicist and discoverer of the Cosmos as organized Consciousness.

– Bruce Lipton – an authority in world medicine, who describes his views on human biology.

– David Icke –  who describes the total hypnotization of the present civilization.