I have a few simple and basic questions which I want to ask you.

– for a few thousand years the world, religions, political parties, nations and people have been talking about love among people but still nothing has changed, has it? On the contrary, we are all heading for a disaster.

  • why is our history full of conflicts and wars?
  • why do the followers of religions kill one another?
  • why are there so many orphanages in the world?
  • why are there so many nursing homes in the world?
  • why nobody has a problem with the monopoly, so powerful in most countries, of weapon and other weapons of mass destruction?
  • why nobody has a problem with the monopoly, so powerful in most countries, of alcohol which destroys millions of people?
  • why nobody has a problem with the powerful monopoly on tobacco which destroys millions of people?
  • why is a mounting fear for survival evoked in us?
  • why are we surrounded by powerful and global manipulation practices in the media and why are we their targets?


Well, and look at the nature:

  • why is it that in nature, among animals and birds a mother never destroys or hurts her child?
  • why is it that in nature, among animals and birds a child never destroys or hurts its mother?
  • why is it that in nature there is, and it is palpable, this fantastic harmony and state of balance? And the man is the only “thing” that disrupts this on the Earth.


The greatest obstacle to experiencing the reality of the connection with the Source is identifying yourself with your own mind. This makes a thought become a compulsion, just like in a spinning wheel. The lack of possibility to stop the stream of thoughts is a dramatic condition which nearly all of us suffer from and we treat it as something normal.

This creates a false, phantom awareness.

This creates a barrier between you and the Universe; it separates you from your natural, Divine roots inside you.

The mind is a great tool but now it is not you who uses it. The mind uses you. The tool has assumed control over you.

What is it all about???

What trap are we being lured into? The trap of an unaware mind. This is a trap because you can be controlled only once you are caught in it.

But there is also positive news!

You can free yourself and this is the only genuine liberation. For thousands of years of the current civilisation someone or something has been pushing us into this dead end. Forget it, this is how it used to be and how it still is but does it have to continue like that, now? No! Why?

Because you pay a higher and higher price! YOU, yes: YOU!

Our mind is a phantom self, it is simply our ego. It is supported by our constant thinking and our unconscious identification with the acquired operational mind.

What is an ego? It is a set of features based on fear and falsehood. For the ego there is only the past and the future, only these matter. It is forever busy subsisting the past because this is what it feeds on. It looks ahead to the future in order to ensure survival and to fulfil itself. It talks and promises: once this or that happens, I will be happy.
It shows you some daydreams – NO, you will never be happy!!! This will only be a temporary pause in an ocean of dissatisfaction.

Ego – the mind is not interested in the PRESENT.

New biology.

According to the concept of genetic determinism, we are all programmed by our genes and our life is genetically established. This is what is instilled into us! But this is not true!

It is our Awareness which controls the activity of individual genes!!! 

New mathematics and physics.

It states that we are an organised void with a bit of energy. It is proven mathematically and eventually, out of necessity accepted by science. This is what is instilled into us! But this is not true!

We (the entire Universe) are the Awareness and Energy.


Now, take a look at the history of the current civilisation. Constant fight between nations, followers of major religions, societies, up to conflicts in the basic unit of the society: in the family. Where do these conflicts come from? Well, man can be controlled only through dependent, unaware and conflicted mind. You go beyond this toy – the operational mind with five senses – and there you are, out of control. We are in the middle of a difficult passage through the channel of time. Someone keeps the power, the economic power, in his hands. The mechanisms of collective control over the mind raise the level of fear for own egoistic purposes. But there are also many time bombs already set to destroy and change this inhuman civilisation!

Please, study and read a bit:

  • Hermes Trismegistos – a great creator of Egypt, as well as of hermetics and the foundations of the alchemy of words.
  • Nassim Haramein – a great contemporary physicist and discoverer of the Universe as an organised Awareness.
  • Bruce Lepton – an authority in global medicine who outlines a new vision of human biology.
  • David Icke – writes about total hypnosis present in the civilisation.