TIME. There are two levels of Consciousness.
1) The level of thoughts/words. This is the level of our operative, acquired mind.
(This is continuity in time: past-future.)
It is noise: thought, even intentional, is always a veil. But you, in a civilization created on fear and falsehood, are still at the level of unconscious thought. You are waiting for something all your life. Your Ego thinks for you. It decides what you think about. What are you really expecting? We are messy and lazy, because we leave our lives and fates in the hands of tools. The operative mind is only tool. Do not burden yourself with mindless babble. You and your mind are like a driver and a car — let the car decide where the driver is going, right?)

2)  The level of pauses between words. The level of our Cosmic Consciousness — the level beyond the mind.
(This is here and now: time does not exist. It is something which has potential)
It is a quantum creative inner field and is outside of the human Being. It is the space of the Cosmic Silence, vibrations of Energy and vibrations of Light.

Today you live life in a box with five “control cameras” — the senses. Each box has its ingrained program, which might be compared to a complex computer game in which you are the leading actor. This program is your EGO. Even your love is egotistical. Every person has a different vision of the love they need. Is it not true? Everyone wants to please themselves.
But you are demanding love! You give orders and make conditions.
WHAT IS THAT?! You expect to take.
Work, I work, I created the company, I found a way to earn money and gain success. So what — I start scheming?
I look for you, I hire and exploit. I make a fortune and get more or less famous. You remark that I’m clever, or he just got by, because after all, what does he do? Not much. Does he have friends in high places, too? And you look at everything through your personal program, which was made in your younger years for your “cassette”, and which you later develop “creatively”. That is, you limit yourself and block yourself in. In this world, which I created for myself, you seek your place there and keep demanding better pay, more tea time, or smoking breaks. Another asks for even more, because he has a stronger Ego and demands more control over others because he is “better”. Weaker and less resourceful people are put down, in fact.

So what will you be satisfied with? Have you ever thought about that?
Why I refer to laziness of the mind.
Because everyone has his or her own world. But what about your world at present? What is it like? After all, it separates you from your surroundings, your family, people and nature, and even what your roots are, and where you are from. Where you are living, in a “cage” which is rarely golden, it is usually filled with something that enslaves you and doesn’t let you live beautifully.

That is what the Divine Books say.
Five of our senses are in one mind, but there is also a sixth sense.

It is outside of the mind.
And it is the chance to leave this meager existence — that’s right!
It is leaving an impasse. And I want to show you the way.
Why? Because it is something we share and it vitally affects all of us.
Because we are a great unity, which is the power of the Cosmos. These are our roots.
This is a chance to be part of the second variant of time — which means without time, in the present — “here and now”. But in order to find “here and now” you have to work on yourself. You have to comprehend a certain state to be able to start your journey on this time path.
This is our shared world, with shared space of our “Heart”, based on our roots, which grow from the Cosmos. That is why I say that it affects me so vitally, when your feel the desire to leave that “box” and see what is beyond. It is when a point of light appears inside of you. That is the chance to regain your sixth sense – Consciousness connected with the roots of our humanity.
It is the only way — growing in the Consciousness of total Unity. It is your only real and natural choice on this Earth; everything else is artificial. There is only a question as to whether you want to leave that “box”.
Because you will never go back to it. You will also feel what it means to be responsible for yourself. Some of you are afraid and would rather stay stuck where you are.
That is why I refer to laziness of mind.
The perfect illustration of this is the case of a dog with only two legs that runs.
What belief he has!!! And what belief you have!!?
But we are all on this road. But you are not yet conscious of this process. And you are moving along this road at the speed of a proverbial donkey. The Cosmos, the Earth, and we along with them are on a completely different time program. We are moving at the speed of racecars. Look at how quickly things are changing. But before you understand everything, I entreat you to think positively about yourself, your company, your family, and your friends. Because everything is energy.
Because in the original creation of the Cosmos and in us there is the energy of Altruism/Love. But that is still beyond your comprehension, isn’t it?
If you love, do not love for something, just love. When you work, don’t do it because you are forced to — do it for yourself.

About feelings and prayer

Feelings are emotion + thought. Thought gives direction to emotion. Good + thought = altruism and love,
Fear + thought = evil.
The diametrically opposed world is in the operative mind.
The Heart is oneness with our outside world, but also with the inner world which you still know so little about.   The heart is harmony.
The Heart is the center of Cosmic energy in a person. Through this magnetism of the heart you will be able to communicate with Cosmic space, the Divine mind.
The Cosmos are like a hologram, a Holy Hologram.
It is a pattern and the whole of it is in the smallest divisible particle in us.

Feelings are the language of the Cosmos. Prayer is contact with the Cosmos, and is our dialogue with the Cosmos.
Look at these dialogues.
For the most part, we think that prayer is mainly words. That is what we are taught, and we pray at church and sometimes at home.
And what are these prayers, and what do they look like?
1) informative-colloquial prayer.
You inform God of something, you promise something.
„God, everything is all right, though they don’t pay well at work, but that is how things are in the world, it’s hard to find another job. But at least it is sometimes fun”.
2) petitioning in the form of prayer.
„God, do something about this, how long do I have to look at it. I don’t like my job, my wife cooks badly at home, the kid is more and more interruptive when I watch TV, so God, do something so I can find a better job and so that I can have more peace at home”.
3)  ritual prayer.
The weight of God and his Divinity is difficult for you to bear.
You are at mass, you sing all of the songs from memory, and if you don’t remember the words, you listen to the person next to you and reinforce the choir of voices like yours. You go to confession, you take communion, and sigh at the end: „God, you are great, do something about my job! My boss is giving me a hard time. He wants to motivate me. I know what and who can motivate me. But he’s too old and he doesn’t understand anything! God, I really know that you are great”.
4)  meditative prayer (without words)
You kneeled down in the evening at home, or you went to the church when it was empty, and stayed on your knees in silence for a whole half-hour. You had an honest and lasting connection with God. You thought about a few other things during this time and looked at all of the gum that was stuck to the pew in front of you or at your fingernails, and in the end you imagined yourself at work at your desk, and your co-workers, and sighed, „You know, God, what I mean, right?”
5)   prayer based on feelings.
a particular state of mind and body)
This is emotion and positive thinking, in this case. It is such a deep feeling that all of the cells in your body feel it. It is the level of Consciousness of your Silence within yourself. Prayer can take place at home, outdoors, in the forest, and best of all alone.
Here is an example of a prayer for rain by a Kogi Indian shaman in America.
In a stone circle, he greeted his ancestors, greeted the God of the Heavens and the Mother of the Earth and her four directions. He greeted them with sounds from his simple flute and entered into a state of body and mind in which he felt like when a downpour of rain came — the smell of the air and the feel of the mud beneath his feet. He felt it with all of the physical and spiritual Being that he had.
He certainly wasn’t asking for rain. That would have made the state of waiting for rain stronger.
It is only this fifth version of dialogue/prayer that works. Do you understand?
Look, therefore, at what your prayers consist of.

What is time?
The time that we are living in is an illusory concept by people who are separated from their Cosmic roots.
Time is associated with several processes in the Cosmos surrounding us:
1) The rotation of the Earth is a measurement of time based on the movement of the Earth in relation to the Sun.
2) The angle of the Earth’s axis in relation to that of the Sun (22.1-24.5 degrees). This gives us four seasons.
3) The Earth’s orbit, its ellipse narrows and widens (in a cycle of about 100,000 years), which is due to Jupiter and Saturn.
4) The moon, which affects the tides of the oceans and seas as well as human emotions and some cycles.
5) Precession of the equinox. This is the wavering axis of the Earth (a cycle of around 25,771 years).
This axis points to all of the 12 zodiac constellations as it changes.
From 21.12.2012 it begins to point in the direction of Aquarius. And the transitional period, the so-called “Mayan window” is from 2007 to 2015. This period began with the explosion of a blue star in 2007, which was the explosion of a comet.
At the end of the “Mayan window” a red star is supposed to appear in the heavens.