At the foot of Sierra Nevada an unusual educational centre is being formed. The centre, even though it is at the initial phase of its operation, has already inspired many people to make personal evolutionary changes. The founders of this place, monks of one of Indian ashrams who go on pilgrimages around the world, created a school based on the paradigm complemented by the knowledge about the world surrounding us, the knowledge which well-known and prestigious schools do not want to offer. This is a real fractal university which is able to open its students’ eyes to new prospects of creating their reality.

Among the teachers we will find representatives of many cultures, coming from various parts of the world, starting from Kogi and Wiwa Indians who live in the nearby mountains through the representatives of other indigenous peoples, Buddhist lamas, yogis, philosophers as well as progressive representatives of the world of science and of various professions. The education is not disrupted by the clash between the palpable world of science and the spiritual aspect of the invisible dimensions. Exceptionally open minds of teachers and students observe and discuss the latest, increasingly perceptive research of the quantum structure of the universe. This place is for me an example which should be imitated, a live example of spontaneous spiritual evolution of man, which I could observe closely. The pilgrim teachers coming from all over the world share with their students the knowledge about latest discoveries resulting from their long term research and observation. They talk in an inspirational way about very valuable studies in exceptional surroundings in places where ancient temples of Tayrona people used to be situated. Lectures and classes are therefore not held in closed rooms but among wildlife full of vivid colours, sounds and smells. Gaya University was created thanks to people who decided to enrich their lives and came here from different parts of the world to settle in this exceptional place and together create an ecological village and self-sufficient community.

The day begins with meditating together and classes taught by yoga teachers from the East. In the meantime other volunteers were preparing a healthy, vegetarian meal for the rest of us. After breakfast we started gardening while learning the secrets of environmentally-friendly cultivation of crops and this way we acquired valuable skills of looking after ourselves and others. Apart from working with fruit and vegetables we also chose other tasks: construction, maintenance etc. We learned and practised the activities which are useful in everyday life of a society which is independent of the destructive system of global economy, which has practically deprived us of the real contact with nature. How romantic it is to march and fight with the authorities on the streets… but hold on a moment. What will happen if the system collapses and the shops stop being supplied? Basic knowledge about the agronomy and dietetics should be treated at least as seriously as learning a language or mathematics. In this aspect it is about the basis study of thinking which will ensure full responsibility for your own life.

When the sun was at the zenith and it was getting really hot, the necessary works were almost completed. At that time some of us volunteered to prepare dinner from the crops collected in the garden. We assigned the tasks on the basis of a consensus. I was trying to do what I did not know how to do because I wanted to learn something new. I will also mention as an anecdote one not very attractive activity which not many were interested in and which required drawing lots. I mean the sanitary issues. Every community living in an environmentally-friendly village must also face the problem of waste, including the products of metabolism. Every few days the aforementioned products need to be taken to the compost which will process and change them into full-value hummus, i.e. the most fertile soil. This was a great lesson of living in a harmonious community, a kind of a large family, which enriches every day with the awareness of responsible work often combined with joyful play. Careful observation of how this community interacts with nature, both the closer and the further, taught me every day new possibilities of creating valuable things. It may turn out that in various elements of such a conscious life every person will find own vocation. This is why for me this case was not an accident. I know that I want to do something similar and create a similar place either in America or in the centre of Europe. During my stay in Gaya village I was telling others about the life in Sanatorio Espiritual, about my travel from Poland to Peru, about Amazonian shamanism as well as of the Slavic traditions. Everyone wanted to share with others this special thing they had a passion for and this is what is great about fractal university. Education here has no beginning and no end. Education is born on its own and personal development is becoming a passion which fills every task which we are totally devoted to.

After the afternoon rest, in the atmosphere of fun, often accompanied by music, we often played some team games or walked in the nearby mountains visiting waterfalls or Indian villages. At later hours, when the sun was not so high, theoretical classes and lectures started. This was the time when we were all ears and with pleasure contemplated every thought we heard. The monks invited us to fascinating ceremonies and even though I did not know Sanskrit I participated in them with pleasure playing the drums and other instruments. In the evening there was usually time for own meditation in the beautiful rays of the setting sun. After this there was only time for a light meal eaten together and evening conversations by the fire. Discussions until late gave us an amazing load of inspirations which, after well-deserved rest, filled the next day with creative joy.

In view of the abundance of educational institutions, which teach us only how to participate in the approaching collapse of the blind system of material exploitation, Pueblo Gaya University remains an exception. While travelling I meet many people who are ready to change something in their lives and benefit from the knowledge which has not been widely used yet. I myself with their help want to create a similar place in the Amazon; this place will be an integral part of Republica del Amor. For the past couple of years together with master don Raul we have been creating a place which is in accordance with our deepest motivations. The support given to us by selva spirits helped us create spiritual clinic Sanatorio Espiritual which is visited by various people who want to avail of what the native spiritual tradition of Amazonian peoples has to offer. This is one of the places which managed to protect against destruction our everlasting bond with deeper reality which unites us with all the living creatures on Earth and with the entire universe.

Spiritual practices let the guests who come to our haven clear their bodies of what stress contaminated and of all the negative effects of life in the world of fear, disharmony and poverty. The next step on my path will be creating a project of sustainable development based on environmentally-friendly tourism and voluntary service, the core of which, just like in “Pueblo Gaya”, will be comprehensive personal development of our guests.

Since I came back to Poland, after a year spent in the Peruvian jungle, I have been helping with the activities of an organisation which also deals with re-education and development of awareness, although does it in a slightly different way than our shaman clinic. We have created an internet magazine about new economical solutions which aim at ensuring that each of us leads a decent life on our planet. Today we live on the brink of collapse of the system which for many years conditioned diseases of our current reality: poverty, class disproportions, corruption and other pathologies. I will write about the economic challenges which the humanity needs to face in my next article and now let me mention also educational projects prepared by my friends from We Are Change foundation. The name, which refers to the person who is globally known as the advocate of changes for the better, Mahatma Gandhi, is an accurate term for what the small Polish foundation deals with. Ghandi proved that one man can change much. The foundation with the assistance of the Warsaw School of Management decided to create the first in Poland studies for social educators and initiators of changes which in a much more conscious way touch upon the economic issues. The aim of the studies is to expand socio-economic knowledge and develop the awareness of students as well as prepare them for co-establishing the new economic and social reality in the spirit of ethical values. As we can see on the school website, the studies allow the participants to learn about the fundamental problems of the contemporary world and the examples of suggested and applied solutions.

Around six months ago I set off for the Amazon again and thanks to the people I meet and places I reach, in particular places such as “Pueblo Gaya”, I am positive about the future because I know that with time there will be more and more of them. I see a huge potential in the educational activity, which lies at the heart of social changes, and in my opinion all of them should cooperate in order to benefit from the synergy effect. My observations show that the weak point of such new generation institutes is acting in a certain isolation which obviously results from geography. On the one side such grassroots initiatives should remain independent but if we created an efficient network of communication and exchange of experiences between them, the global process of positive changes would accelerate considerably.